Is it universally understood that when someone uses 💚 it means I love you, you little stoner.

Or is that just me?

Wanting to have someone sit in bed with me while I cry and eat ice cream without judgement or needing to say anything, but having no one to call

Is one of the loneliest feelings.

What’s worse is knowing that it’s my fault

It’s my only day off in forever so my dad gave me money to go have fun with my friends

But who needs friends when clueless is on, got a fridge full of Popsicles, and I can smoke weed with no clothes on.

I wear a bobby pin in my hair even when I don’t need it in case I need to cash a bowl.

Some might call this lazy,

I call it prepared.

weedporndaily reblogged my selfie and I feel cool.

I just wanna smoke some weed about it and have someone play with my butt

I can roll a mean joint and give great head.

Why am I still single?

Why is it that the lower I feel, the higher my follower count is?

I’ve gained like 14 followers this week

And lost like 30% of my self esteem

The fuck?

So ready for much needed best friend time tonight with my boo, Daniel <3

Been feelin really low lately
Glad he’s out of the pen because I need him around
To reach things on high shelves and tell me how much of a bad ass I am.

I’m a lot cooler in theory.

I love waking up to asthma attacks two hours before my alarm every day because I’ve been too busy to refill my prescriptions
I hate myself

I’m lonely and there’s only one person that I feel like i could even remotely stand to be around right now but that’s not gonna happen because I suck and I probably ruined it somehow so I’m just gonna lay in bed and play with my boobs and probably cry a bit.